Campus Placement

campus placement is to select and hire the talented
and qualified candidates

For Universities-campus Placement

The objective of campus placement is to select and hire the talented and qualified candidates while they are still completing their education. The process allows the organizations to pick the required candidates as and when needed and also reduces time.

For Colleges, institutes and Universities, it is a cumbersome activity as it requires a number of activities to be performed and many of the educational institutes may not have the resources or the time that would be required in the process.

We provides campus placement services for both the companies and the colleges who want to organize campus placement drives for hiring the candidates.

For reputed colleges, it is comparatively easy to get campus placement drives organized, but it is not same for the colleges of comparatively less or low repute or relatively new colleges.

A typical campus placement process involves following processes:

  • 1

    Pre-placement talk

    Involves a presentation about the company, milestones, organization achievements, candidate job description and scope of development and growth etc.

  • 2

    Finalizing the educational qualification and eligibility

    Companies interested in campus placement finalize the minimum educational qualifications and other eligibility criteria and conditions.

  • 3

    Written Test

    This is usually an aptitude test that would perform the initial level of filtering the candidates.

  • 4

    Group Discussion

    Purpose of this round is to assess the communication skills, personality and behavior, listening ability, leadership capabilities and other such traits of an individual.

  • 5

    Technical Interview

    This round evaluates the technical ability of student.

  • 6

    Formal Interview

    This is usually the final round to assess the confidence level of a candidate towards the work.

  • 7

    Post Placement Talk

    This is done after the candidate is provided the job offer letter. The company HR or representative will provide the guidelines and joining procedure and other information to the candidate.

We will take care of the complete process of campus placement for our clients and provide them the right kind of candidates for the job.

For Organisations

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